Her invention is brilliant!

They aren't ripe at all. You're going to break your teeth!

During the vacation my sister and I stayed at a small village at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

The obsequious waiter is usually assigned the best table because he always curries favor with his manager and superiors.

Miltos is the best runner.

Go wash the dishes.

Guido seldom does what he says he's going to do.

Sachiko always said: "You'd better set some money aside in case you get sick."

I can't put up with the heat any longer.

What do you have against her?

I am going to wash your mouth with soap.


Transformation is birth and death at the same time.

We want you to take command of this unified force.

The report is utterly false.

I need more blankets.

He's a huge fan of trains.

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I brought a small notebook where I am going to write my observations.

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Odysseus and Morpheus are pronounced, with perfect regularity, like Zeus.

He mastered all he was taught.

However, I have no money.

He rarely goes to the movies.

That elder brother is taller than that elder brother.

Thanks for coming over tonight.

How do you know who I am?


Rocks and minerals are useful for us in many ways.


They live in a beautiful area.


His life was in danger.

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I used to hang out in this park as a teenager.

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I will eat a Hallowen Blue Berry Jelly Dessert.

His life is free from care.

Check out the woman over there!

Warm up using the stove.

I've got an emergency.

I hope that doesn't happen.

We can handle it.


Jiri is probably not hungry right now.

A farewell party was held in honor of Mr. Tanaka.

I couldn't believe myself when she pretended to be angry. Her loud voice, red face...the whole caboodle was pretty convincing.

Are you going to break up with me if I get fat again?

I need to sleep a little.


The difficulty of a task is no reason for complacency and doing nothing.

Give me some guidance here.

He's roasting a tasty chicken.


The two left.

It smells like a toilet in here.

We must leave you.


My wife told me to throw this old hat away.

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Since he was able to walk so far, he must have strong legs.

We suggest raising the fees.

Make some noise!


We have a son who's just turned three.


What does it mean to develop a sound architecture?

Hwa's enthusiasm for her course deteriorated when her favourite lecturer transferred interstate.

Wouldn't that be fun?

On this tree, there is an apple on every branch.

Isabelle had a noodle soup.

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Sean looked into the adjoining bedroom.

My Internet connection is painfully slow.

More is needed.

Bryan is a materialist.

Europa is a moon of Jupiter.

There was once a fat, ugly peasant who fell in love with a beautiful, blonde princess. One day, the princess kissed the ugly, fat peasant, and he magically transformed into a slender, handsome prince. At least, that's how she saw him. At least, that's how he felt.

We have our differences.

Jwahar couldn't believe what Sriram told him.

What passes for leisure in our society is actually time-consuming.


The beautiful Vasilissa came forward, as bright as a star, bowed to her sovereign, bowed to the honorable guests and danced with her husband, the happy Tsarevitch Ivan.

There are three possible relationships one can have with God: My God, I am God, I am God's. The last one is best because it does not tempt pride.

Larry is definitely over thirty.

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The island is a paradise for children.

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Sundar warned us that this might happen.

I saw her leave.

Gloria, don't let him feed you that line about his wife not understanding him.

They embraced tightly.

But you're not there.

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Where is the bathroom?


I knew Steve well.

Don't hurt my son.

They insist that he should go.

How did you discover that Ima was the one who had embezzled the money?

I'm no good for you.

Kamiya stood on a chair so he could reach the top shelf.

Two people can enter with this ticket.


Could you come and get me?

It seems I'm falling ill.

You can certainly call him a pushover, but not a coward.

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Let's hope Arnold is right.

I'm not going to be very happy.

After putting up this bloody Ikea wardrobe, I found myself with three screws in my hand, and no idea where they were meant to go.

We were afraid that we might hurt him.

Are you really as strong as you say you are?

I snapped the thread on my canine.

I gave the boy what little money I had.

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Who do you think helped them?

What do I have to do to convince you?

I got my six-pack by working out in the gym.


I'm catching on.

He lives with his mother.

The contest ended in a draw.


No words can relieve her deep sorrow.

Get out from wherever you are.

Making love to an expressionless woman is like sipping soup without any seasoning.

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This is Major's umbrella.

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Urs moved into my neighborhood.

Nobody has to know.

We often associate black with death.

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Dawn wanted to come along with us.

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How would you like it?


I waited for her forever.

Please be quiet for mercy's sake during the lesson.

"My wife is in her fifth month and she tends to have such bad moods that it's not even rational." "Fine, so what's the question?"

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Don't say his name.


Haven't we seen Jean-Christophe before?


"I am the most beautiful tree in the garden," exclaimed the peach tree, "or even in the whole world!"

This is the first time I've invited Lanny.

He is a strange man.

The legendary footballer Diego Armando Maradona is from Argentina.

He went abroad soon after his father.


I don't know him that well.

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I need a rest after all that resting!

We are very close friends.

From now on, try harder.

No one likes to eat a burnt barbecue!

The meat spoiled because of the heat.

I hope you're well paid.

I like the bright colors.

Robbin is all excited.

He entered the hall of fame.

Cindie is there to help Panos.

I think Anita killed Will.

I write a letter.

She does not have a ticket.

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I bumped into your dad yesterday.


Gary has been eating too much pork.

I couldn't explain it better.

Am I that predictable?

I think Drew is a liar.

The man is wearing a pair of glasses.

I hate doing this stuff!

The maintenance of the house costs a lot.

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Could we get out of here?

Charlene is attempting to climb the rock.

Sjouke can only speak a few words of French.

Don't sit on that box! You'll break it!

It shouldn't take us long to finish this.


Do you want to go there?


Try to encourage me a little.


We can't kill her.

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I'm getting the hang of this new machine.

Nice of you to drop by.

The traffic rules are not often obeyed.


Pedophilia is a very serious offense.

We can do better than that.

It's the only thing you can do.

"Why aren't you coming?" "Because I don't want to."

When Seenu told me what Elijah looked like, he didn't tell me she was so overweight.